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Krav Maga is an Israeli term literally meaning COMBAT – TOUCH and is a close quarter ’personal defence’ fighting system; it can be adapted to any situation depending on the severity of the crisis you may face. It is also a mindset that you no longer see yourself as a victim of crime, that you want to stand up against threats of violence and you want to be able to defend yourself against criminal threats and attacks. Krav Maga has been widely acknowledged as the most effective personal defence system in the world.

Our Kidz Bully Proof Class caters most adequately for that. The basic techniques are exactly the same as for the adults and are safe and age appropriate.


We are raised up to “not be rude”. This social habit interferes with our natural instincts. 


A Mum should run away when she senses a threat and has time and opportunity to run away. IF she is unable to run away and defensive action is required, always remember that a great asset is the element of surprise. A woman should at least have some basic personal defence training, but even if she does not, the best she can do is to overwhelm the attacker with concerted physical attack until he falls down or runs away or she sees an opportunity to run away.


Now we are heading into advanced techniques except that these also contain basic principles. Keep the attackers in line, keep moving, attack the first one and put him down, then either escape or deal similarly with the second attacker if he is trying to stop you.


If it is a single attacker with a gun, then with the correct training you will be able to disarm him. If several attackers are armed your best course of operation is to co-operate until or unless your life is in immediate danger; in which case you will have to fight back in any way you can. Do not take unnecessary risks and be aware that situations like these have to be prepared for with the correct training.

Our techniques do not rely on strength and are reasonably easy to learn; the techniques are also very effective. All women stand on equal terms when defending themselves against aggressive attackers; using these techniques and the training also offers women a high degree of self-confidence.

In addition to teaching safe physical protection techniques we also teach children vital life skills which increase confidence and social skills. We teach children to be responsible citizens, not to be bullies.


The classic mistake is that we do not make ourselves aware of our surroundings. When you are aware of your surroundings it is easier to listen to your instincts because they are based on the information you are taking in. Cell phones, handbags, hand parcels can be distractions which can lower your awareness levels.


Not always – you may miss the target area; we teach six basic strikes, six basic targets and you should combine at least 3 of these within 3 – 5 seconds. If this hasn’t sufficiently subdued the attacker, look to repeat the moves or set yourself up for another 2 – 3 attacks until the person is no longer a threat to you then run away AND REPORT THE INCIDENT.

Learning to defend yourself is not a quick-fix but with our regular, diligent training, within a year you will be very capable. Of course, from Student to Student this can also vary, we all have different past activities and ‘muscle memory’ that affects us..

While you are defending yourself and you have control of the weapon or attacker, scream, shout, go crazy, break furniture (over his head preferably). Any loud noise will deter him because to him it means that someone else could hear and now he will have the whole neighborhood to deal with. A loud sports whistle will also work well.
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