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Welcome to the Krav Maga Close Quarters Combat Academy—your gateway to mastering self-defence with South Africa’s leading experts. Headed by chief instructor, Alan Mann, our academy is not just about learning techniques; it’s about transforming your mindset to face life’s unpredictable challenges with confidence and resilience.

Why Krav Maga?
Krav Maga is more than a martial art—it’s a strategic survival system crafted for the realities of modern conflict.

Our Philosophy:
We train in the authentic form of Krav Maga as developed in 1940, practical self-defence that’s accessible to all. Our philosophy is straightforward: Clear, Control, and Counter. You’ll learn to neutralise threats swiftly, dominate the encounter, and secure your safety—all within a supportive and professional setting.

What We Offer:

– Tailored self-defence programs for every skill level
– Advanced weapons defence training
– Schedule flexibility to suit your busy lifestyle
– Training locations across Alberton, Northcliff, Pretoria, and Polokwane, with private sessions available at your home, our dojos, or the Huddle Park in Linksfield
– A community dedicated to fostering safety, strength, and solidarity

Knife Defence

Learn how to defend against knife attacks

Firearm Disarm

Learn how to defend against a gun threat

Hand to Hand Defence

Learn how to defend yourself in Hand-to-Hand Combat

Take Action:
The time to act is now. Secure your spot at Krav Maga CQC Academy and start your transformation today.
Contact us at or dial 082 494 2670 | 072 135 9226 for more details on our programs and to begin your journey to empowerment.082 494 2670  |  072 135 9226