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Training Information

Standard Training

In each of our Dojos we run classes that train in defences against many knife and gun threats and knife & physical attacks that may happen to us.

There are many defences (as there are many ways we can be attacked) and a great number of them have commonalities that reduce the amount of different routines / techniques that need to be learnt, remembered and applied. This is one of the aspects that put IKI Krav Maga at # 1 for the best ‘self defence’ system to learn.

We train against life threatening situations where violence is present but we also train in routines that can be used in social environments (Libraries, Hospitals, Universities, Schools and other Institutions) where physical harm is not needed, to subdue the other person, but rather where a firm method of strong restraint is more appropriate.

We teach highly effective and sometimes disabling or even lethal techniques of Close Quarters Combat and we therefore emphasize the legal aspects of our self ‘defence’ system.We invite you to visit one of our classes near you and personally experience why IKI Krav Maga is so effective and popular.
You do not have to be fit, agile or strong to practice our Krav Maga but it will help if you are.

Come share THIRTY MINUTES of your time with us and we will give you practical and effective basic defensive techniques that you will learn and can use IMMEDIATELY.

Our training is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Alternate / Additional Training (Dojo Members and the general Public)
  • We run Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction with the attacker is avoided COMPLETELY.
  • We run Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction with the attacker is avoided COMPLETELY.
  • We run a UNIQUE Rifles & Shotgun weapons disarm Seminar.
  • We train children in overcoming BULLYING in the schools. (As well as training for Teachers who are being bullied by the Students)
  • We run an ‘Improvised Weapon’ Course. (Baton, Stick and Knife Course)
  • We run a Basic Firearms and Intermediate Firearms Training course.

Dear Student.

I would sincerely like to thank you for training with me, you give me great inspiration at times to look for and train you in IKI techniques which will, to the best of your ability, reduce the level of danger that may be presented should you be confronted with any attack on you or those close to you.

Our Financial year begins on the 1st of January and the monthly fees for 2022 . I have not increased the fees since 2019, mostly due to the Covid restrictions on us all. The economy has , however caught up with me and I must increase the fees. As from January 2022 the fees will be R 700 per month if you train once a week or R 900 per month if you train twice a week. There is a once off Admin fee of R350 which applies on joining our training program and all payments must be made at the beginning of the month.

For the Students who are consistently training with me , your fees will not increase but will remain the same as they have been last year, as long as your training with me remains continuous. If you stop training for 2 months or more and return to training the new 2022 fees will however then apply to you. This also applies to Students just starting; next year on fee increases, if you continue training without breaking your training, your fees will not increase should there be a price increase in 2023.

You have all signed an indemnity form.

This is an ‘Indemnity/Contract’ form which has certain requirements and reminders of our mutual commitment to self defence training. It is clearly more of an agreement than an enforceable contract and I therefore rely on your integrity to adhere to the spirit of the document.

It is a 6 month contract which automatically renews every 6 months. (January to June then July to December) You agree to train with me for 6 continuous months. Should you wish to discontinue training altogether (with a view to return at a future date possibly?), all I ask is a one month notice period I will give you a form to complete.

Accounting principles
As best as you can, please pay your fees via EFT into my Capitec account.

I train throughout the year, the Dojo remains open. Therefore training is available 12 months of the year.

Should you go away on leave you are still liable for the monthly fees to this Dojo while you are away . To be blunt; for example, If I go on holiday and live so me where else for a month ( or less / or more) I am still liable for Bond repayments, boom-area security, electricity and rates tariffs etc. The same principle applies to your obligations to the Dojo.

There are various additional courses to take part in, the information and ability you gain from these will enhance your Krav self defence skills and broaden your perspective on self defence improvised weapons and other fighting skills THESE COURSES ARE ESSENTIAL; do no t miss them.

I allow you access to my Google drive (if & only if you are currently a member in training) where there is a LOT of information you should read to make you aware of the journey you are now undertaking. Besides the material to read. Interviews with Noah Gross on where did Krav Maga Begin etc. etc., it has various video clips which are packed with legal and other information that may be useful to you. I will always try to remind you to also talk to me about what it is you want to train in, if you feel I am missing out on some weapon / technique: i.e. groundwork / advanced pistol shooting / advanced knife fighting etcetera.

Let us have a great training year in 2022.
Best regards,

082 494 2670  |  072 135 9226