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Meet Our Team

Alan Mann – Owner of Krav Maga Close Quarters Combat Academy
Master Instructor – Black Belt 4th Dan in Krav Maga

Alan Mann is a retired special forces operator with an extensive and diverse military career. He belongs to a group of men who understand the reality of asocial behaviour and violence, who comprehend the face-to-face threat of certain death, and who know how to defend against it. Alan has been exposed to numerous hand-to-hand combat styles from different countries. In 2006, he started training in Krav Maga and became the first instructor in South Africa to receive certification under the IKI international affiliation. He holds a Black Belt 4th Dan in Israeli Krav Maga and offers training to groups as well as individuals and their families in personal and third-party protection. Alan has helped many people, including those with physical limitations due to age or injury, to adapt to the system and defend themselves powerfully and effectively.

He welcomes everyone to train with him at either the Alberton or Sandton dojos, and he can be contacted through his personal number or his PA, Anél.

Alan on 072 135 9226 or Anél on 082 494 2670.

Wayne Zandberg – Senior Instructor – Black Belt 2nd Dan in Krav Maga

Wayne, a former Special Forces Operator, took up kickboxing after leaving the military to aid his work as a bouncer and VIP security protector. However, he noticed that people lacked the necessary skills to protect themselves against crime, which led him to start practicing Aikido, in which he obtained a black belt. Wayne then found Alan Mann, who was teaching Krav Maga in South Africa, and trained with him until he obtained his black belt and became an instructor in Polokwane. He presently runs his own Dojo and considers Krav Maga a practical self-defence system that can be learned by all.

You can come train with us at the Polokwane Wrestling Club on Suid Street, Polokwane, every Tuesday and Thursday from 17h45pm to 19h00pm.

To get in touch, contact Wayne at 083 442 9492, Justin at 072 180 1771, or Sonya at 065 723 5706.

Herman Botha – Instructor Harlequins Pretoria

Please find below a list of Herman’s achievements and experience in the field of martial arts:

Herman is an accomplished karate fighter with an impressive record. He won the All-African heavyweight full-contact karate tournament in 2005 and the SA Kyokushin light-contact category in 1998.

He also secured third place in the Oyama Cup open-weight category full-contact karate tournament in 2006 and participated in the Russian Open full-contact karate tournament in 2001. In addition to Kyokushin, Herman has trained in other karate styles such as Goju-Ryu, Gojo-kai, budo-ryu, and Funakoshi. He has won the 1st and 2nd places in various open-style provincial tournaments. Herman is also a coach, having taught for five years.

Besides karate, he has also trained in other martial arts like Judo, wrestling, and grappling. Currently, Herman is in his fourth year of training in Krav Maga.
082 494 2670  |  072 135 9226