A Word Of Caution

A word (or two) on learning Krav.

Krav is for everyone but not everyone is for Krav.
As mentioned earlier on our HOME Page – Krav Maga translates loosely as close quarters combat. It is also a mindset – ATTITUDE to not be a victim of crime, and uses a system of similar unarmed combat techniques taught all over the world.

Krav Maga is NOT “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something fashionable“ or a “quick Fix”.

The words imply physical and mental action, co-ordination, a myriad of survival combat skills you need to be aware of, that will become more and more important to you, as you travel this rocky road. As the name implies, combat; you may get hurt, pick up some souvenirs (bruises), learn; breakfalls, how to roll and other exercises while punching, kicking and more, strange stuff you are not used to doing.

Why is this important?
The many Children of the Parents of the past ‘WWII’ era, in the main, became ‘soft’. Those hard times (1920 to 1950) created hard Men (& Women) and those hard Men improved living standards throughout the world (creating soft times) but did not pass on their hard survival skills to their children.

The ‘flower power’ generation of the late 60’s were soft Men and these soft Men created hard times (1990 to now) and to survive well, for now and into our future, we have to, once again, create hard Men of ourselves.
(In all spheres of life)

We are into self-protection and saving ourselves and family from criminal threats and attacks, grievous bodily harm and death.  Apart from living we must learn hardened skills, skills needed to survive under hard times. We must become hard Men.

Is Krav Maga easy to learn; many Instructors say it is, it seems that this is not so at first. Of course you will struggle the remember the language, the techniques and moves, this is normal. Some Students seem to remember the techniques easily – others struggle.
This is OK – we all learn differently.

Never become despondent, frustrated, impatient or arrogant. I run a close quarter combat system which is tried and tested.
My senior students (advanced Green Belt past Black Belt) are very capable in this craft. Many of my students, at all stages of training (Orange Belt & upwards) have defended themselves in real life situations, NONE have failed themselves.

The solution is simple; Train – repeat, repeat, repeat;
then train – repeat, repeat, repeat; then: . .